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Indebted Epilogue (Indebted #7)(9)
Author: Pepper Winters

His hand worked harder, his quads tensing beneath his slacks. The action alone made my nipples throb with need.

“I can’t stop staring at you.” Jethro’s jaw clenched as he stroked faster. “Nothing else matters knowing you’re mine and I can touch you, taste you, fuck you however I want.”

The urge to touch him overwhelmed me. I wanted to consummate our marriage.


However, Jethro drove me to breaking point. The least I could do was return the favour. Drifting my hands from my throat to my breasts, I tweaked my nipples through the sheer teddy. “I love knowing you’re mine. That your fingers belong inside me, your cock was made to pleasure me, your mouth designed to kiss me every day.”

Jethro stumbled. “You have no idea. Every day, Nila. Every fucking day I’m going to give you those three things.”

The room swam with lust, inviting the ocean below to transform air into liquid and oxygen into molten heat.

Dropping my hands to my pussy, I fingered myself through the lace. “I want to see you. I want to see your hard, long cock. I want to get on my knees and suck you. I want to feel you shatter and lick up every drop.”

“Fucking hell.” Jethro broke first.

My heart leapt with triumph as he stalked toward me, wrenched his hand from his trousers, and grabbed mine to replace it. His other hand latched around my nape, the buckle of his belt clinking against my collar. “Touch me, Needle. Fucking feel how much I want you.”

My fingers instantly obeyed, stealing his invitation and invading his underwear. The moment my touch met velveteen steel, his stomach rippled with tension.

Grabbing a fistful of my hair, he growled, “I want your lips around my dick. I want your tongue lapping what I give you. But for now, now, I can’t fucking think straight. I can’t do this anymore. I need to be inside you. Immediately.”

His lips smashed against mine, his groan slipping deep into my chest. I battled his tongue, hints of violence and danger unravelled my decorum faster and faster.

The kiss turned fatal, killing off any last worries or maladies.

The ignition between us turned viperous as our past was suddenly deleted. The lid on our previous lifetimes snapped closed with finality. And a blank new page spread out before us. We were the quill and ink ready to pen a new chapter.

“Nila—” Jethro’s touch turned savage, his tongue making mad love to mine with unscripted synchronicity. His touch became a Ferris wheel of caresses and demands, pushing me onto the bed again.

Splaying my hips, he stepped between my spread legs. The moment I rested on my back, he ripped at my knickers, yanking them down my legs. The garter belt fastenings pinged away, relinquishing the pantyhose and leaving me bare.

I couldn’t breathe. I could barely stay within the boundaries of my skin as Jethro slammed to his knees and yanked me closer to his mouth.

His breath seduced me first, breezing over my clit, followed by filthy, delectable words. “I have no doubt we’ll fight and make-up. We’ll spend every day sharing a different experience, but this…this is the best part of today.” His fingers danced over my entrance, teasing me with distraction. “I’m going to eat you, Needle. I’m going to lick and fuck you with my tongue before I fuck you as my wife.”

His fingertips flew to my pantyhosed thighs, holding me down. “You’re the sunbeam to my black diamond…”

My heart billowed at the poetic confession. “Jet—”

My hands dove into his hair, looping through the strands. He lived in my heartbeat, my breath, my thoughts. And now, he lived in my soul because we’d traded one for the other with our vows.

His tongue touched me first, a tentative lick—followed by the wet heat of his mouth. I bucked, my fingers clutching his hair for an anchor. Dizziness took me hostage; I didn’t know if it was vertigo or Jethro’s mastery.

He kissed my clit, moving to my entrance with a pointed tongue. The first quest inside me wrenched a moan from my chest. A very loud moan.

I craved more, more, more.

Tugging on his hair, I arched my hips, demanding what I needed.

Jethro chuckled, turning my world topsy turvy. “Not enough for you, greedy wife?”

His head ducked, his tongue pushing inside me…deep inside.

“Oh, God.” My entire body contracted, begging for everything he wanted to give. The first ripple of an orgasm made me gasp. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

“No, not yet.” Jethro stopped, ending the ladder of bliss.

I growled, pushing my cheek into the bedding. “Tease.”

He blew on my pussy, drying his saliva and activating a whole other world of enslavement.

“I don’t want you coming. Not until you’re screaming.”

My eyes met his. “I’ll scream. I’ll do whatever you want.”

He grinned. “I’ll remember that next time you’re arguing with me over some mundane thing.”

“Our life will never be mundane.”

His gaze clouded a little. “You’re right. You’ve shackled yourself to a VEP.”

Smiling, I stroked his bristled cheek. “Wrong, I shackled myself with a diamond heir who I share six-hundred-years of history with. That alone means our future will never be drab.”

His head tilted in my hold, his glistening lips pressing against my palm. “You’re right.”

Tearing his face from my touch, his mouth landed back on my pussy. “Let’s start rewriting history right now.”

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