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Indebted Epilogue (Indebted #7)(13)
Author: Pepper Winters

However, there was something else, too.

Something she guarded and protected. Something that meant a great fucking deal to her and she hadn’t told me.

For the past couple of weeks, I thought it was the collection. The fact she’d finished the entire wardrobe of twenty three dresses and other apparel was a huge feat.

But now…now, I knew it wasn’t that because the secret still glowed bright inside her.

Nila looked once more at freedom, sensing my determination to make her tell me. I hadn’t meant to trap her on the runway and force her to spill in front of the world of fashion. But where else was she the most vulnerable?

I held her up. I kept her imbalance at bay. The least she could do was—

“I have a secret and I can’t keep it any longer.” Nila sighed, fighting a smile. Camera flashes continued to go off along with the stray rose thrown as the models paraded one last time behind us.

I let out a breath. About bloody time. “I thought as much.” Bending my knees, I stared directly into her eyes. “You’ve done a good job at hiding it from me.”

I froze as she raised her hand, brushing aside my salt and pepper hair, showing the world the utmost affection between us. We were private in that respect. After the Vanity Fair article at our wedding, we avoided all mention and interviews.

I sucked in a breath as she cupped my neck, bringing me closer. “You haven't been able to guess?”

I shook my head, my hair mixing with hers. “No.” I let myself dive deeper into her thoughts, searching for the answer to her hoarded truth. Her emotions were murky, mixed with bone-deep contentment and a sense of quiet achievement for all that she’d done tonight.

She swayed a little in my arms. “Is this truly the first time you can’t guess? You don’t know what I’m about to say?” Her lips pursed. “Because I already know you figured out my surprise about your birthday party tonight.”

I laughed. My body relaxed, melting into her the more we spoke. I forgot where we were. I ignored the thousand other thoughts and human psyches. It was just us. Needle and me.

My wife.

“Instead of teasing, how about you put me out of my misery?”

Her eyes glittered, mimicking the diamonds around her throat. “I rather like having a secret for once. I think I might enjoy it a little longer.”

I growled, wrapping my arm around her waist. The rustle of her skirts sounded loud over the murmur of the audience. “Tell me…. Otherwise, I’ll have to use more forceful means the moment we’re in private.”

She licked her lips. “Promise?”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re really going to drive me mad, huh? Fine, the moment I’ve blown out those bloody candles on whatever cake you bought—”

“I’m pregnant.”

My mouth fell open.

Everything paused.

I couldn’t move, speak, think.


Fuck, she’s…pregnant.

My mind scrambled, trying to make sense of the word. My heart bucked, squeezing every drop of oxygen from my lungs.

Nila chuckled at my lack of intellect. Her fingers looped with mine, pressing against her belly. “Pregnant, Kite. As in…I’m going to have your child.”

My legs gave out.

I crashed to my knees on the stage in front of thousands of fucking people.

Tears shot to my eyes as I stared at her flat belly. The skirts and petticoats of her smoky gown hid any flutter or growth, but my heart sprang with knowledge. “You’re—you’re…” I couldn’t finish.

The crowd went silent as I wrapped my arms around her legs and hugged her close. I kissed her stomach. I swore on everything I owned that I’d do whatever it took to be worthy of this new gift.


She’s pregnant.

I glanced up, drinking in her glowing face. “Ho—how?”

She curved over me, her eyes darting between me at her feet and the crowd. “Get up, they’re all watching.”

“I don’t care. They can see what true love looks like. I’m not ashamed to worship you, especially after you tell me something as life changing as this.” Pulling her down to me, she kneeled in her dress, eye to eye.

“How? I thought—”

She shook her head, smiling wide. “The contraceptive you gave me before the Third Debt wore off months ago. I meant to tell you I wasn’t on birth control, but then I thought…we have everything we could ever need. We won over seemingly impossible odds. Why wait? We’re young but wise. We’ve proven we know what’s right and wrong.”

Her hand cupped my cheek, shaking a little but so damn strong. “I want to have your children, Jethro. I hope you don’t mind I made the decision for both of us.”

“Mind? Why the fuck would I mind?” I crushed her to me, crumpling her feathers and rhinestones, messing up her elaborate hair with kisses. “This—it’s more than I could ever ask for.” Cupping her face, I kissed her deep.

I poured my heart and thankfulness down her throat. “How—how long?”

She sighed, holding onto my wrists. “I’m not sure. A few weeks…possibly a month or so.”

A stupid grin spread my face. “Do you know what it is yet?”

A girl.

Please, let it be a girl. Just like Nila.

A child I didn't have to worry about facing such horrendous debts. A firstborn daughter who would survive and not be made to pay for historic crimes.

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