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Indebted Epilogue (Indebted #7)(10)
Author: Pepper Winters

His tongue dived back inside me, tearing away comprehension.

I writhed as the promise of a release built quickly and sharp. A violent crackle of lust doused my system as his tongue thrust so deep, I convulsed on the covers.

Gone was the patience of making me wait. Gone were the threats of wanting to make me scream. It was no longer a threat but a promise.

He would make me scream—with or without my permission.

A release, as well as the sharpest cry, percolated in my heart like bubbling champagne ready to escape the bottle of my body.

“Will you scream?”

His tongue penetrated again, destroying every last wall and filling up every remaining crevice inside me. I became whole as his groans vibrated against my slippery flesh, the physicality of sex turning into an emotional reward the longer he licked.

Pleasure built and built and built as his rhythmic sucking destroyed me.

“Scream, Nila.” Two fingers suddenly replaced his tongue, spearing deep, tearing my orgasm from eager into existence.

I had no choice.

I came.

And came.

And came.

Two fingers became three, twisting me open, dragging far more pleasure than I thought possible.

I rocked and thrashed and screamed.

I screamed for Jethro. For our future. For every day of our lives unwritten.

“Fuck.” Jethro’s five o’clock shadow sandpapered my inner thighs as he granted me such a delicious release. “Again.”

Every inch of me burned and tingled. “There’s no way.”

Jethro took my denial as a challenge. “There is a way.” He blew hot air over my swollen pussy. The warm breeze did nothing to temper raw and throbbing nerves.

My legs trembled to close. I wanted to rest. I needed to rest.

The tip of his tongue licked my folds, granting tenderness after a feral finishing. “You will come again. You’ll come as many times as I command. After all, tonight is our wedding night, and I love watching you come apart. I love knowing I bring you pleasure. I love hearing you pant and moan. I love the way your cunt clutches my fingers as if afraid I’d ever leave you.”

His three fingers slowly moved in and out of me, spreading my wetness, forcing my body to spindle into another climb.

He didn’t rush me this time, taking every second and stretching them until my satedness gave way to hunger. The steady gathering made me breathless, my body tightening and quickening under his erotic conducting.

“Come for me.”

My toes curled as he increased his pressure, but I wanted something more.

“I can’t…I need—”

“What do you need?”

I rocked my hips, giving myself over to the creature he’d made me. “I need your cock. I need you riding me. I need to feel you claim me completely.”

His teeth nipped my clit, a rumbling growl spilling from his mouth.

“I need you to come with me, Kite.”

In an effortless move, he leapt from knees to feet. His cock was a javelin, proud and hard, while his slacks hung precariously on his hips.

His face set into a sexual scowl; his eyes demonic with need as his fingers grabbed my arse and arched my spine. His features set into stone, skin lashed over bone far too handsome for my heart. His golden eyes glowed with grey shadows, dilating with the need to break all boundaries, embrace every want and no longer limit himself with control.

He’d made me come. He’d ensured my body would accept his size with no hardship. He wouldn’t hold back.

I didn’t want him to hold back.

My mind segmented. Part of me paid attention to this incredible man about to fuck me and part turned animalistic. Spreading my legs, I welcomed him closer.

The bed jerked as his knees hit the edge. I went to scoot higher so he could climb on, but he stopped me, yanking my hips upward.

“No. Like this.”

With gritted teeth, Jethro bent his knees, and in a seamless move, the tip of his cock found my drenched entrance.

My gaze riveted to his fully clothed body. The sheers of my pantyhose wrapped around his hips, the crumpled silk of his white shirt and the diamond pin glinting on his blazer.

Our eyes locked as he slipped inside me.

My mouth fell open as his immense length hit the top of me and stretched me wider than any finger.

I shivered; goosebumps sprouting as he sheathed himself balls deep. So possessing, he stole any remembrance of who I was.

Staring into his eyes, I knew he would take me hard and fast. My fingers clutched the sheets, preparing myself for how he would use me.

When he didn’t move, I licked my lips, rocking my hips a little.

His head fell back, the tendons in his neck stark and tense. “Christ…”

“Fuck me, Kite.” I moved again, enticing him to take. “I want you to fuck me.”

Anticipation hovered like a curtain waiting to be shredded.

Temper swelled and I wrapped my legs tighter around his hips. “Fuck me, Jethro. Fuck me. Please, fuck—”

He didn’t let me finish. Pulling out, he slammed back inside, penetrating in one fierce thrust.

I gasped as shooting stars arched out from where we joined. The connection was far too intense. Far too deep and demanding. He was so big, so hard, so so deep.

He’d taken me with everything. Nothing bared. I’d never felt him so open, so completely controlled but treasured at the same time.

Jethro’s domination of my heart and body exploded my desire until I begged for another release. I needed another orgasm, and I needed it while we were both raw and wounded by love.

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