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Fight with Me (With Me in Seattle #2)
Author: Kristen Proby



My back hits the wall with a light thud, and Nate’s face is buried in my throat, his hands on my ass, skirt hiked up around my waist, pulling me up so he can cradle his still-covered erection in the apex of my thighs.  I pull the hair-tie out of his thick, inky black hair and run my hands through it, holding on to him.  I’ve never seen his hair down before; he always ties it back at the nape of his neck, and it’s so sexy.  It falls just above his shoulders, framing that impossibly handsome face of his that makes my insides quiver and my mouth go dry every time he looks at me.

But he’s never looked at me the way he is right now, in the semi-dark hallway, in the middle of his apartment, just outside his bedroom.  His gray eyes are burning as he rocks his pelvis against mine.

“Do you know how beautiful you are, Julianne,” he murmurs.  “I need you naked, now.” He picks me up, hands still braced on my ass, and I wrap myself around him.  He carries me into his bedroom, and I’m suddenly standing before him, and we are a tangle of arms and greedy hands, pulling and grasping clothes, flinging them haphazardly about the room.  He doesn’t turn the lights on, so I can’t see him anymore, but oh, those hands.  I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in a meeting, watching these beautiful, large hands, and now they’re on me.


His mouth is on mine, his hands in my blonde hair, and he’s kissing me with a fervor that makes my knees week.  He’s a really good kisser.  Excellent.

Fucking amazing.

He picks me up again, cradling me in his arms this time and lays me down on the bed.  The sheets are soft and cool against my naked backside, and I wish I could see him in all his naked glory.  I’ve been daydreaming about a naked Nate since he became my boss almost a year ago.  I have a feeling there is a fine, fine body lurking under all those expertly tailored business suits.

Nate follows me onto the bed, and I run my hands up his stomach, over his chest, and up to his shoulders.

Holy fuck, he’s built, and his skin is warm and smooth and … wow.  His hands are cradling my face, kissing me tenderly now, biting and nibbling my lips, and then he leans on one elbow at the side of my head and sends his other hand down my neck, over my breast, teasing the taut nipple with his fingers, and farther south, slowly finding his target.

“Oh, God.”  My body bows off the soft sheets as he slips two fingers into my pussy, and his thumb gently circles my clitoris.

“Oh, you are so wet.  And so fucking tight.  Jesus, how long has it been for you honey?”

Really?  He wants to know this now?

“Longer than I care to think about,” I respond and lift my hips up into his hand.  Oh, God, what this man can do with his hands!

“Shit, I want you.  I’ve wanted you since I first laid eyes on you.”  His lips find mine, demanding and probing, licking and sucking, his tongue mirroring what his delicious fingers are doing down south, and I’m completely swept away.  I’ve wanted him just as long.

“We shouldn’t do this,” I whisper unconvincingly.

“Why not?” He whispers back.

“Because… Oh, God, yes right there.”  My hips are circling and I skim my hands down to his ass.  His hard, muscular, oh-so-sexy ass.

“You were saying?” He whispers, nibbling down my neck.

“We could both be fired.  No frat policy.”

“I don’t give a fuck about anyone’s policy right now.”  His lips close over my nipple, and I lose all conscious thought.  Nate licks and sucks his way down my belly, paying close attention to my navel, before heading farther south, kissing my freshly waxed – thank God! – pubis and finally planting that tongue right there.

“Fuck!” My hips buck up off the bed and I feel him grin before he pulls his fingers out of me, spreads my thighs wider and kisses me, deeply, his tongue pushing and swirling through my folds and inside me.  I push my fingers into that glorious thick hair and hang on, and when I think I just can’t take any more, he licks up to my clit and pushes a finger inside me, making a “come here” motion and I come undone, shuddering and digging my heels into the mattress, pushing my pussy against Nate’s skilled mouth.

As I surface back to Planet Earth, I hear Nate rip open a foil packet and he is kissing his way back up my body, sucking on each nipple, and then kisses me.  I can taste myself on his lips and I moan, wrapping my legs around his hips, lifting my pelvis, ready for him to fill me, but he doesn’t, he’s just braced on his hands above me, his cock cradled between my thighs.  His breathing is ragged, and I wish with all my might that we’d turned on the lights so I can see his gray eyes.

“Nate, I want you.”

“I know.”

“Now, damnit.”

“You are so fucking hot,” he whispers and lowers himself to brush his lips on my forehead.

“Inside me.” I reach between us and grab his erection. Holy hell, he’s hung. He’s hard and smooth, and he hasn’t rolled the condom on yet.  I pull up the length of him, to the tip, and … “Holy, shit, what is that?”

He chuckles, and leans down to gently kiss me.  “It’s an apa,” he whispers.

There is a metal bar with two small balls, one at the top and one on the underside, in the end of his penis, and I’m completely thrown.  Nate, my suit-wearing, conservative-looking except for the long hair thing boss has his penis pierced?

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