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Under the Mistletoe with Me (With Me in Seattle #1.5)(11)
Author: Kristen Proby

“Try again.”

Because it’s my only defense, I grip his face in my hands and pull him down to me, kissing him thoroughly. His fingers burrow into my hair and he responds immediately, brushing his lips over mine, back and forth, then diving in deeply, his tongue dancing with mine.

I spread my legs, and he settles his hips between them, allowing me to cradle him, and I feel his erection against me.

“Mmm,” I moan and roll my hips, making him gasp.

He slows the kiss, so it’s lazy and unhurried, gently nibbling my lips.

“You’re so sweet.” He murmurs. “Look at me.”

I open my eyes to see him gazing down at me, his hands are rhythmically brushing my hair.

“I love you, Stace.”

“I love you too, Eyes.”

He smiles lovingly, kisses my lips chastely, then my forehead and pushes himself off me, pulling me with him.

“Come on,” he keeps my hand in his and pulls me toward the house, trudging through the slippery snow.

“Where are we going?” I ask breathlessly.

“Shower. I’m sweaty and I want you naked.”

Yes, please.

He’s in a hurry. He leads me through the house, heedlessly leaving a trail of wet snow behind us, to the master suite. “Strip,” he commands and leaves me to start the shower in the impressive bathroom.

I grin as I hear the water start. I love it when he gets all bossy and sexy on me. I quickly peel my wet clothes off and pile them at the end of the bed. I’ll wash them later. Isaac stalks out of the bathroom, all naked, his face still determined, and… all mine.

Instead of leading me back into the bathroom, he sweeps me up into his arms, startling me.

“Whoa! Someone’s impatient.”

He grins down at me and kisses me hard and fast.

“I’ve been waiting all morning for you to wake up. You were so tired, I wanted to let you sleep in, but I’ve been desperate to be inside you. So I decided to split the wood to relieve some of the energy.”

“You don’t seem to be lacking in energy,” I reply dryly.

“Yeah, it didn’t work.”

He carries me into the shower and gently sets me on my feet. This shower is freaking huge. The tile is dark brown and gold, and there are multiple shower heads at different heights, as well as a rain head directly over us. The water is hot and quickly fogging up the entire bathroom.

Isaac pushes me into the hot water and grabs my shower gel. He squirts it into his palm and rubs his hands together, creating lather. He closes his eyes and breathes in deeply.

“I love the smell of this. I love smelling it on you all day.” His hands glide over my torso, my breasts and arms. My head falls back on a sigh as I enjoy the gentle strokes of his expert hands.

“Turn around,” he murmurs and I comply. He lathers my back in broad strokes, massaging and kneading my muscles. “You are so fucking sexy, baby.”

I moan in response and lean back against his chest, lay my head on his shoulder. He wraps his arms around me as the water cascades down our bodies, rinsing the soap from my body.

“My turn,” I murmur and turn in his arms to face him. I mirror his movements from earlier with his body wash, lather my hands, and glide them over his wet, muscular body. He closes his eyes and sighs, enjoying my touch.

I wash every sexy, hard inch of him, trace the tattoo on his shoulder blade with my fingertip, rinse him thoroughly, and then drop to my knees.

“Fuck,” he whispers.

I grin and grip the base of his hard cock and tease the tip with my tongue, brushing it over the slit. He sucks in a deep breath through his teeth and twists his fingers in my hair and I slowly sink over him, taking him as far as I can into my mouth. I sheathe my teeth in my lips and pull up, sucking hard, and roll my tongue around the tip.

Before I can sink down again, he grips my shoulders and pulls me to my feet.

“Hey, I wasn’t…”

“Enough. You’ll make me come, and I need to be inside you.” He grips my ass in both hands and lifts me. “Wrap your legs around me.”

He pushes me against the tile wall and buries himself inside me as I wrap my legs around him.

“Oh, God.” I push my hands into his hair and hold on for dear life as he slams into me over and over, like a man possessed. His face is buried in my neck, his breathing ragged and feral.

“You feel so good.” He shakes his head. “So fucking good.”

I can’t make myself respond. One of his hands slides from my ass up to my breast. He pinches and pulls on the nipple, making me cry out.

“Can’t get enough of you,” he whispers. He’s pinned me completely to the wall with his body. My hips are pulsing and rolling with him, meeting his thrusts.

“God, Eyes,” I murmur. He lifts his head and looks up at me with raging blue eyes as he speeds up, grinding harder against my core. “Oh, babe, I’m gonna…”

“Fuck yes, come baby.”

My legs tighten around him and I let go, fire bursting through me. Isaac thrusts once more, rocks himself against me, hard, and then buries his face in my neck again, groaning loudly as he spills himself inside me.

He holds me there for a few moments as our breathing calms. He kisses my neck, then my jaw, and finally my lips, softly and lovingly.

“I’m not done,” he whispers. My eyes open wide and I stare at him.

“You’re not?”

“No.” He runs his fingers down my cheek and sighs. Before I can ask him what he’s thinking, he says, “But I’m hungry, and we’re going to need our strength.”

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