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Under the Mistletoe with Me (With Me in Seattle #1.5)(14)
Author: Kristen Proby

Chapter Seven

My back arches off the bed as his tongue plunges into my core. “Oh my God.”

“So responsive.” He adds a second finger and swirls that magical tongue around my nub, teasing and flicking it, then sucking it gently.

“Fuck, Eyes…”

“Oh, yes, we will, but I’m having fun down here for now, sweetheart.” He smiles mischievously and kisses that spot he knows, the place where my thigh meets my center, and I moan again, gripping the sheet tightly in my fingers.

He pulls both fingers out of me, pushing them through my lips, around my clit, making me even wetter, his intensely blue eyes watching his fingers play with me.

“So beautiful,” he whispers to himself and then looks up at me, grins widely and shedding his clothes quickly, climbs over me. He rests his pelvis between my legs, and settles down on me, just looking at me.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Absolutely nothing.” He kisses me chastely, gently sweeping his lips across mine. He rocks his hips, sliding himself through my wetness, and then slowly, oh so very slowly, inches into me until he’s filled me completely and he’s buried inside me.

I wrap my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his hips, holding him close and he rests his forehead against mine.

“The best thing I ever did in my life was make you mine, Stace,” he whispers. I grasp his face in my hands and nuzzle his nose, letting tears fall down my face. He brushes them gently with his thumbs and ever so slowly, starts to move his hips. He pulls one leg up over his shoulder and turns his head to kiss my calf. I gasp at the new angle, allowing him to slide into me even deeper. And suddenly, I can’t stand slow and steady any more. I need it fast and I need it hard.

I move my hips, pumping them up and down, squeezing around him.

“God, babe, don’t squeeze me so hard. You’ll make me come.”

“That’s the point.”

He shakes his head adamantly. “I don’t want to come yet.”

I grip his ass in my hands and pull him harder and clasp around him tighter. He scowls down at me and pulls all the way out.


“You’re not good at doing what you’re told, are you?”

“Ten years of marriage and you’re just now figuring this out?” I ask dryly.

He slams into me again, hard, and then pulls all the way out.

“Argh!” Damn him!

Now he teases me, putting just the tip inside, grinning proudly at me. “Ready to do what you’re told?”

I raise my hips quickly, making his cock slide farther into me, but he pulls out.

“Oh no. I think you’d better turn over.”

Effortlessly, he flips me over, pulls my ass in the air and buries himself inside me, his hands gripping my hips, pulling me on and off of him at a punishing, yet steady pace.

“Oh, God.” He covers me with his chest and reaches around to circle my clit with his fingers.

“I make you come, baby, then you can make me come. That’s how it works.” His raspy voice, and those magical fingers, and the incessant push and pull of friction inside me sends me over the edge and I cry out his name as I come, pulsating and shuddering beneath him helplessly.

“That’s it, beautiful. Oh, God, Stace…”

And suddenly he’s brutally gripping my hips again and pushing inside me, as hard and as deep as he can, and I feel him spill his seed inside me.

“Fuck me,” he whispers and kisses my shoulder.

“I just did.”

“Smart ass.”


“What’s wrong?” Isaac cups my face in his hands with a frown and looks down at me as our family walks ahead of us, not paying any attention to us.

“Just a small headache.” I smile reassuringly, take his hand in mine and kiss it, then he tucks them both in his jacket pocket to keep them warm.

We’re walking around Woodland Park Zoo in the heart of Seattle enjoying the Christmas light display they put on every year. It’s early evening and the air is crisp, making our cheeks pink and noses cold. We’ve had a rare winter dry-spell the last few days. Actually, since we returned from the cabin a few weeks ago the weather has been surprisingly mild. Perfect Zoo Light weather.

The zoo strings hundreds of thousands of lights, all throughout the zoo, in shapes of animals and flowers and landscape scenes. It’s really quite beautiful after dark. They also bring in reindeer and a huge carousel for the kids.

This is an annual family outing for the Montgomerys. This year it’s just Isaac’s parents, Isaac, Soph and I, Jules, and Nat and Luke. Brynna came along as well with her two adorable five-year-old twin girls, Maddie and Josie.

“You’ve had a few headaches over the past couple weeks,” Isaac comments. He pat’s Sophie’s back as she squirms in her sleep in the sling across his chest.

“I’m okay.” I smile at him again and then laugh as the girls squeal in delight when they see a fairytale light display, hopping up and down, wanting to get a better look. Brynna looks back at us, surveys the area quickly and turns back to the girls.

“God, I’m gonna throw up.” Jules mutters. Luke and Nat are kissing. Again. I laugh and rub Jules’ arm in comfort.

“Aren’t you used to them making out by now?”

“Jesus, do they have to do it all the damn time?”

Luke grins, kisses Nat one last time and wraps his arm around her. “Yes.”

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