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Turbulent Waters (Billionaire Aviators #3)(6)
Author: Melody Anne

It wasn’t just about taking the job. Chloe knew a lot more about Nick Armstrong than she would ever want to know. He was a monster―as was his entire family. But she smiled as she took calming breaths outside his front door. She could put on a happy face, do her job, and be instrumental in making him pay for his crimes.

Having experience as an RN and being a board-certified orthopedic physical therapist had gained her access to his home. Because she was a professional, she would do her job and do it well, but that wouldn’t stop her from completing her other mission.

Nick Armstrong was going down. That thought brought a smile to her full pink lips as she brushed back her blonde strands and took a step forward. The door opened before she even lifted her hand to knock, and then she was gazing at Nick Armstrong, the man she’d been sent to investigate―unofficially. Her stomach tightened and her muscles shook. So much emotion raged through her, she wasn’t sure she actually would be able to do her job of helping him heal―not when she knew what he’d done. But she couldn’t turn back now.

“Can I help you?” The deep timbre of his voice made her stomach clench. This wasn’t starting off well at all: first the self-doubt, and now facing him, she felt something she most certainly didn’t want to feel.

“I’m . . .” Her sentence fell away as she took a step forward, her foot sliding on a slick leaf. She tried to regain her balance, but she was suddenly tumbling. Nick held out his arms, either to help her or push her away. She wasn’t exactly sure which.

With a rush of breath, Chloe landed in Nick’s lap. With her face far too close to his for comfort, she saw momentary agony in his eyes. She was locked in place by his powerful arms as she watched a mixture of emotions cross his face.

Chloe knew she should jump up, demand he release her, apologize profusely, and run like hell in the other direction―she knew she should do anything other than lie there limply in the arms of the enemy. His arms tightened around her, and Chloe felt a stirring in her stomach that startled her. This was much different than the turmoil she’d felt just a few breaths before as they’d gazed at one another.

Besides the fact that this man was her enemy, had been her enemy before she’d ever even met him, she wasn’t normally a foolish woman who fell into the arms of random men. So to have this reaction to him of all people was throwing her completely off balance.

His eyes were burning as he looked her over. Chloe shifted, wondering what in the world she was going to say after her noteworthy entrance. He smiled and she found herself having a difficult time breathing. Did her heart just skip a beat?


Nick Armstrong was far too good-looking for the natural well-being of all women within a hundred yards of him. He had dark hair, smoldering green eyes, and a cocky tilt to his lips that made her want to lean forward and kiss him. Of course, she already knew all this, since she’d been studying the Armstrong family for quite some time.

As his arms tightened around her, Chloe’s stomach continued to stir, coiling as unexpected sensations rushed to the rest of her body. She inhaled a breath of air, and Nick’s scent permeated her system. She found her fingers tightening on his shirt as she pressed a little closer to him.

The shock of what she was doing stunned her into immobility, and she stiffened. She could have prevented the fall if she’d been more careful, but it had happened. However, her subsequent reaction to this man, who she was supposed to hate with every fiber of her being, was inexcusable.

Foolish, foolish, foolish.

She would be kicking her own butt for a while for her mistake. She most certainly wasn’t going to be able to continue her self-loathing until she extricated herself from his arms. What was she doing? If this was playing with fire, she’d leapt in with both feet and was now scorched.

She raised an eyebrow at the man as Nick’s head began leaning toward hers. For one moment she wanted the kiss he seemed about to give her. And then, thankfully, her brain cells began firing again. The shock of the moment had her heart thundering and her stomach doing a little dance.

“Let me go,” she demanded, her voice coming out too squeaky for it to have any real impact.

He stopped, but he didn’t look irritated, merely surprised. Maybe he hadn’t thought his own actions through and had been going on impulse. His eyes twinkled as he gazed at her. No words beyond their quick greeting and her plea for release had been spoken. She moved while she tried to pull from him. That’s when she felt a bulge pressing into the toned flesh of her thigh.

Her body tightened even more, and she knew she had to get away. Pushing against his chest, he finally loosened his grip and she scrambled to her feet.

Chloe raised a hand, wiping moisture off her face, realizing that the rain had started up again while she’d been in this surreal encounter. Why in the world were they simply staring at each other while the storm intensified? A crack of lightning flashed across the sky, and a boom of thunder quickly followed, making her jump.

She took a step back, not sure of what she was doing. Escape was on her mind, but she was stopped by the grip of his fingers on her arm. The touch sent more heat spiraling through her.

This so wasn’t good.

“I’m assuming you came here for a reason,” he said, tugging her back toward him. His eyes were raised as he waited for her to introduce herself.

As much as Chloe suddenly wanted to run, she knew her nerves were just a reaction to the unique situation. She was there for a job and she wasn’t going anywhere. Putting her professional mask in place, she tugged against his hold to no avail as she looked down at him. Her aloof attitude had made many men walk away with their tails between their legs. She could handle Nick Armstrong―no problem. She’d been pushing men away since she’d developed early at the age of thirteen. Men with looks like Nick wanted one thing, and it wasn’t something she was willing to offer.

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