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Turbulent Waters (Billionaire Aviators #3)(3)
Author: Melody Anne

He didn’t need to prolong his forced leave any longer than necessary.

Along with a weaker body, though, he was having trouble sleeping. Nightmares of his lost crew flooded him whenever he shut his eyes. So he pushed himself harder. Maybe he just needed something else to occupy his mind. His brothers sure as hell thought so. They’d told him repeatedly that even if his knee was broken, that didn’t mean all of him was.

They wanted him to let go of the anger and start living his life again. Nick wasn’t sure exactly how to do that without his job. The Coast Guard was a calling, not an employer. His brothers had told him repeatedly that he needed to enjoy the forced vacation―that he needed a woman. Nick scoffed at them. But their point was abundantly clear.

He needed sex―and lots of it. Sex was therapy, but it wasn’t necessarily the answer to everything. That thought made him laugh out loud. Maybe that had been too hasty a thought. Sex sure seemed to cure a hell of a lot, actually.

It was early morning, and the storm was growing in force. The torrential rains hadn’t started up yet, but it wouldn’t be long now. He hoped the lightning would be right on top of him, the clap of thunder shaking the windows of his place. There was nothing quite like a good coastal storm. Of course, that meant he should be performing rescues for those foolish enough to get caught out in the unforgiving sea.

Soon, he promised himself. Very soon. Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the sweet scent of the storm and then turned away from the progressively aggressive sea. It was only depressing him that he wasn’t flying over her deep waves in search of lost vessels.

“Are you done feeling sorry for yourself out here?” The sweet voice of his brother’s wife, Stormy, actually made his frown disappear.

“Don’t you think I deserve to have a bit of self-pity?” he countered as he turned to give Stormy his most charming smile.

Nick couldn’t help but notice his brother’s wife was just as beautiful as ever, with a glow in her cheeks and her lips twisted up into a warm smile. If Nick weren’t so determined to sow as many oats as possible, he’d hope to find a woman just like her. But since she was taken, he’d have to be a lone wolf.

“I think pity time is over. You’re a pain in the ass, Nick, but you’re also a great man. Your brothers want to talk to you, so get your butt inside,” she told him as she held open the back door.

He put on his most pathetic expression. “Can’t you give a guy a hand?” he asked her with a waggle of his brows.

“You are utterly hopeless,” she said with a laugh. But she did step out and lean down to help him up. Of course, he could almost get around faster in the wheelchair since he’d been using it for a few weeks. That wasn’t the point, though. Nick had lost a lot in the past six weeks. He didn’t want any more backsliding.

Once Stormy got her arms around him, he grabbed the crutch that was resting beside his chair and leaned on her with his other arm until they got inside. His knee was killing him. She led him to the wheelchair.

“Sit,” she commanded. He wanted to refuse, but he’d pushed himself too hard the day before and he knew she was right.

With a glare sent her way, he plopped into the chair. But just to prove his manliness, he reached out to her with his good arm and tugged, making her fall into him, landing on his lap. His knee was well protected in the brace, plus the impact hit his thighs. There was a slight stirring of pain, but he ignored it as he kissed her forehead.

“Thanks, beautiful,” he said with a chuckle as she huffed at him before quickly jumping back to her feet.

“Nick Armstrong, you are going to hurt yourself,” she scolded him as she straightened out her clothes. He laughed and shrugged.

“Sorry. I couldn’t resist,” he said with a wink.

“If you would settle down and find a good woman to keep you in line, you wouldn’t be such a pain in the butt,” she said with a smile.

“I would gladly settle down if you would wise up and leave my brother,” he told her with a wiggle of his brows.

“Tempting,” she said with a laugh.

“You’ve got my number, darling,” he told her.

“Trying to steal my wife yet again, Nick?” Cooper asked with a growl as he stepped into the living room to join them before moving toward the kitchen. Nick wheeled his chair forward and followed them. Stormy was chuckling.

“Always,” Nick told his older brother.

“I think I’m going to have to whip your ass again in the ring to show you how effective that might be,” Cooper warned.

“As soon as I’m on my feet again,” Nick said with a glint in his eyes. He would love to get back in the ring. “On second thought, I’m sure I could kick your ass even while sitting down.”

“I’m going to leave you boys to battle it out. A woman does love to be fought over,” Stormy said before softly kissing Cooper, then patting Nick on the arm. It felt as if the light dimmed a bit when she walked away.

“You truly are a lucky man, Coop,” Nick told his brother as Stormy’s scent lingered in the room.

“That I know, little bro,” Cooper said with a smile as he opened the fridge and looked inside at the contents, acting a bit lost.

“Get out of the way, Coop. Even injured, I cook better than you,” Nick said with a laugh as he moved to the fridge, pushing Cooper aside. He scanned the shelves before pulling a few items out. Cooper took a seat.

“I see you’re starting without me again,” Maverick said as he stepped into the kitchen and lit the stove, pulling out a pan as he eyed the food Nick had pulled out.

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