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Play with Me (With Me in Seattle #3)(14)
Author: Kristen Proby

I trudge back to my bedroom and flop down on the bed. I grab my phone and dial Will’s number.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he whispers.

“Why are you whispering?” I whisper back.

“Because we’re watching tape from yesterday’s game. Why are you whispering?” I hear the smile in his voice and it makes me grin.

“Because you’re whispering.”

“Did the alarm guy show up?”

“Yes, control freak, he did.”

Will chuckles softly. “Good. I trust him, he’s done all of my family’s homes and businesses.”

“Okay. Did you have to send him so early?”

“It’s ten am, sweetheart.”

“I didn’t go to bed until four,” I remind him.

“I’m sorry, I forgot.”

“It’s fine. I didn’t want to sleep my whole day away anyway.” I get up and start the shower. “I’ll let you get back to your tape.”

“Okay. Do you have tomorrow off?”


“I have to train in the morning until about noon, but then I want to spend the rest of the day with you.”

God, his whispery voice is sexy as fuck.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at noon.”

He hangs up and I take a long, scalding hot shower. It wakes me up and invigorates me. I dress in a loose, floaty black tank dress and head into the kitchen, open my laptop on the countertop. While it wakes up, I brew some coffee.

Thank God for coffee.

I hear drilling and see the security system guys bustling about the townhouse, one in the front and one in the back. So while they work, I decide to work a little too, catching up on email, Facebook and bills, while I bring up my favorite station on internet radio.

By the time the alarm workers are done at around six, I’m caught up with my virtual social life, emails, made a few calls and I’m broke. Well, I will be, anyway, when I send Sylvia her check.

I’m shown how to set my alarm, disable it, punch in my passcode, and call for help. It’s incredibly scary.

Not the idea of being burgled, but how many damn steps I have to go through to arm this fucker.

When I’m finally alone, I slip on my flip-flops and head out for a walk through the neighborhood. I don’t know why Will is so freaked out about my safety. My neighborhood isn’t that bad. It’s just an average, middle-class area of Seattle. In fact, the majority of my subdivision is townhomes. Some are condos, and most are single or childless couples who live there. Surrounding us are single family homes, all rather cookie-cutter, built in the last five years or so.

It’s not the freaking ghetto.

But if it helps him sleep at night, whatever.

It’s unseasonably warm for a late-summer day in Seattle. There’s not a cloud hanging in the bright blue sky, and the trees are just barely starting to turn yellow. Before we know it, they’ll turn red and then fall, leaving the trees bare.

I wave hello to my neighbor and cross the street to my house, to see Will sitting on my front steps, elbows braced on his jean-clad knees, wearing a black Nike t-shirt and black Oakley sunglasses. I can’t see his eyes, but his mouth is tilted in a half smile and I can feel him watch me saunter up to him.

As I get closer I put a bit more swing in my hips, enjoying the way the dress floats around my thighs, and grin down at him.

“I thought you were picking me up tomorrow at noon.” I plant my hands on my hips and try to look stern, but it so doesn’t work. I’m happy to see him after his trip to San Francisco.

“I am. But I decided to drop by, make sure the alarm was installed okay.” He reaches his hand out for mine and pulls me into his lap. I squeal in surprise and then giggle and wrap my arms around his neck.

“Is that the only reason?” I smile up at him and tug his Oakleys off. His blue eyes are happy and hot.

“I needed to see you,” he whispers and hugs me hard, burying his face in my neck and breathing me in.

God he feels good.

“I missed you,” he murmurs and kisses my cheek, then pulls back and looks me in the eye again. “How are you?”

“I’m good. It was a busy weekend at work, between football games and deliveries and those pesky things we call patients.” I giggle and push my hand through his dark blonde hair. It’s soft and feels so good, I do it again. “Seriously, thank you, for everything you did for the kids, and for me, this past week. It far surpassed anything any of us were expecting.”

“So, you watched the game? Not just half-time?” He smiles, but I can tell he’s hopeful that I did, that I watched him to support him and because I’m proud of him.

And I am.

“I watched most of it, yeah. I have to cover my eyes when you get tackled. I hate that part. And thank you for half time. That was cool.” I grin.

“You’re welcome.” He brushes my hair behind my shoulder and looks so serious all of a sudden.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He shakes his head and smiles down at me again. “I brought pizza.”

“I will never turn down a man with pizza.” I scramble out of his lap and unlock the door, then lead the way inside.

“Why the fuck isn’t your alarm set?”

Chapter Six

I spin around and glare at him, and plant my hands on my hips. “I was gone for fifteen minutes, Will. In the sunlight. Why the fuck are you freaking out?”

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