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Whispers in the Dark (KGI #4)(8)
Author: Maya Banks

By the time official permission had been given, KGI was already staging their third mission to the Middle East. It hadn’t surprised any of them that while Uncle Sam was willing to not kick their asses over it, they sure as hell weren’t giving official support either.

“You’re on your own,” Resnick had grimly stated.

Yeah, what else was new?

Not that Donovan thought Resnick was a total ass**le. His hands were tied. It wasn’t like in the past when the government had a personal stake in supporting one of KGI’s missions. There was no CIA most wanted this time. No criminal or threat to national security. Just a brother Donovan had no intention of relying on others to mount a rescue for.

Joe was still laid up and casted and he was one pissed-off motherfucker that his twin was out there and he couldn’t go after him. He wasn’t even officially out of the army yet, so whether he was good to go or not, Uncle Sam still had a tight leash on his ass.

It didn’t mean he was shy about busting the rest of his brothers’ balls over going in to get Nathan out.

If they only knew where the f**k to find him.

“Van, get me the latest satellite imagery. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see movement,” Garrett said.

Donovan turned to the computer they called Hoss and leaned over to call up the map. They’d only been back a few days. They couldn’t remain in Afghanistan indefinitely. It was too risky. They had to get in and out and make their recon stealthy. But he was itching to go back. He hadn’t wanted to leave. Nathan was there. Somewhere. And he needed them.

He printed the map so they could compare it to the last captured image and started to walk away when he saw the new email alert in the lower-left-hand corner.

He clicked to pop up the message, frowning when he saw the recipient. It wasn’t anyone he was familiar with and it was one of those obviously fake Hotmail addresses that usually meant SPAM.

Then his gaze dropped to the message and he froze.

Nathan said to talk to Joe. He’s not far from last coordinate. Said to tell you Korengel Valley. He needs your help. He won’t last much longer.

That was it? Dear God. Donovan stared in helpless fury at the vaguely worded message. Ask Joe? Like they hadn’t already grilled their brother mercilessly? Like Joe hadn’t told them everything he knew?

“Son of a bitch!”

Was this how Ethan felt when he’d received information about his wife, Rachel? How the f**k was he supposed to take something like this seriously? How could he not? Especially when the information about Rachel had led them right to her?

“What’s up, Van?” Sam demanded.

Donovan slowly turned around to face his brothers. “You have to see this.”

NATHAN lay in the dark, willing himself to rest, but every muscle in his body was tense. Pain had crept back in hours past, but he’d remained silent, not wanting to say her name. He hadn’t allowed himself to even think it.

It was agony because he wanted her there in his mind. He wanted the reassurance of another human being. He ached for the comfort only she could give him. But he didn’t want her to take his pain. He didn’t want her to suffer again.

And so he lay there and endured both physical and mental anguish.

His thoughts were consumed with escape, revenge, hatred, hopelessness, but mostly escape. He closed his eyes and imagined himself back home with his brothers having beer on the lake. Ma’s home cooking. His dad’s steady presence. Rachel’s sweet smile. Even Rusty’s smart mouth.

Would he ever see them again?

He couldn’t bear to think of the pain his family was going through. They’d already endured so much with Rachel’s captivity and then his mother’s abduction. How much more could they take?

He shook his head. It wasn’t a matter of what they could take. The Kellys were unshakable. He worried more about his own sanity and, if he did get back home, how much he would be changed.

You’ll go back home, Nathan. You have to believe that.

His pulse rocketed and he sat up. Relief made him weak. His hands shook and his knees wobbled. She was back.

I sent the email to your brother. It’s not a lot of information, though. Have you been able to think of anything else that might help them locate you sooner?

Nathan hunched over and wrapped his arms around his legs, resting his chin on his knees. He hated that hope fluttered deep inside him. Like a coal in a dying fire that still had some heat left.

Nathan, talk to me. You can’t lose hope. You aren’t going to survive without hope. If you give up now, there’ll be nothing for your brothers to find.

Tell them…Goddamn it, I don’t know! I haven’t seen daylight in I don’t know when. I’ve been in this shit hole, and when I’m not here, they’re working me over in some dank, moldy room. I’m so damn disoriented most of the time that I have a hard time separating what’s real and what’s not.

Something clicked in his mind, and he closed his eyes for a moment as he brought back the image of them killing Taylor.

Cave. I’m in a f**king cave.

What hope he’d briefly entertained dwindled to nothing.

They’ll never find me here. There are caves all over these mountains.

Then you have to escape.

He tried to laugh but the sound came out as a harsh rasp. You make it sound so easy. Don’t you think I would have escaped already if I could? I’ve tried! God knows, I’ve tried.

You didn’t have me before.

The resoluteness of her words brought an abrupt halt to the pity train.

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