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Whispers in the Dark (KGI #4)(7)
Author: Maya Banks

Though there was fatigue and resignation bleeding from her, he sensed steely resolve. She was determined to help him.

You could email Van. He’s always on the computer. He’d see it right away. It was out before he even thought about what he was doing. He was giving out his brother’s email address to his imaginary friend. Then the rest of what she’d said caught up to him. Why is it risky for you? What kind of trouble are you in? My brothers could protect you. They’d be in your debt if you helped them find me.

I’m not safe. I’ll never be safe.

The soft words slipped through his mind. They were tinged with regret but said matter-of-factly. Whatever her situation, she absolutely believed that she was in danger. She accepted it without hesitation.

Think, Nathan. Think about where you could be. Where were you when you were captured? Were you transported far? Were you conscious at the time? There has to be something I can pass on to your brothers.

He sucked in his breath and tried to calm his thoughts. Every time he thought back to that day, his mind became a jumble of gunfire, explosions, mixed shouts. Some from his men, some from the enemy.

He and his team had pulled a recon. Nothing complicated. They weren’t expecting to be engaged. The area had been quiet. The hot zone was to the south. They’d split off from Joe’s team, one going farther north, Nathan and his team taking the immediate area.

Then all hell had broken loose.

It was hard to piece together that day. An explosion close to him had knocked him unconscious, and when he’d come to, he was bound and in the back of a shoddy-ass cargo truck. Three of his team members were there. One had died soon after. The other had died today. Only Swanny remained. Alive in hell with Nathan.

Grief overwhelmed him. Emotion knotted his throat. He’d kept his word, his pact with his team. They’d vowed not to be broken, not to cooperate no matter the cost. And now Taylor was dead.

His last words to Nathan had been, “Don’t do it, Kelly. Don’t you f**king do it.”

Nathan had remained silent and Taylor had died.

Was it worth it? Was any of it worth it?

Never before had he questioned his dedication or his resolve. He was a soldier. His job was to serve his country. It was a duty he’d embraced.

But here in the dark, alone, without hope, he doubted everything that made him who he was.


Her voice so full of understanding. Caring. How could she care so damn much? She didn’t even know him.

I can’t maintain the link between us much longer. You have to tell me what you can about your location. I’ll write it down. Word for word. I’ll do what I can to help you, and I won’t leave you if I can help it. I’ll stay with you until they find you.

The promise in her words ignited a spark in the darkness of his soul. He wanted it to be true. He wanted this miracle. Was it God talking to him? Was she an angel?

His email is [email protected] Tell him…Tell him to talk to Joe. Tell him…Nathan strained to get his bearings. To remember. He’d been dragged from the truck. It was daylight. He remembered looking down. Tell him Korengal Valley.

Can you rest now? You have to preserve your strength. Is your pain better?

He felt the stroke of a hand over his cheek. So soft and soothing. He closed his eyes and leaned into empty space. Even with her strength nearly gone, she gave the last of it to offer him solace.

He reached up as if he would capture the hand on his face but his fingers found only his own dirty, blood-crusted skin. But still, he palmed his cheek, savoring the idea that he held her hand in his.

Rest with me. I can feel your weakness. My pain is gone, but yours isn’t. I would take it away if I could.

He felt her smile, and warmth spread through his veins.

Silly, she murmured. No point in me taking your pain if you take it back. Sleep now. I’ll be here if you need me. Just call for me.


“IT’S been two goddamn months, and we’ve got nothing,” Donovan Kelly bit out. Rage consumed him. He wanted to take apart the newly constructed war room with his bare hands.

His brothers didn’t look any happier.

Sam Kelly hunched over the table where the map lay. On it were thumbtacks noting all the places where KGI had already gone in search of Nathan. Garrett stood next to his brother and Ethan was on the other side, his hand curled around his nape as he stared down in frustration.

They were tired. Their resources stretched thin. They’d already spent so much time away from their family. Their wives. Sam’s daughter. Nathan’s disappearance had taken a toll on them all, and yet no one was going to give up until he was found and brought home.

“This is bullshit,” Donovan continued. “You can’t tell me they’re doing everything to find him.”

Sam held up his hand then let it fall to the table again. Donovan went silent but still simmered with fury. He turned away and paced toward the window that overlooked the Kelly compound.

Construction in varying stages was going on all over the grounds. In the distance, the plot of land he’d picked out for his own house stood, still unblemished and thick with trees. How the hell could he think about a damn house when his brother was still missing?

How could any of them think of anything else?

Everything had come to a halt in the Kelly family. Garrett and Sarah weren’t marrying until they had news of Nathan one way or another. There was little cause for celebration when their family wasn’t whole.

The KGI teams had gone in search of Nathan four times already, the first two without permission by Uncle Sam. Not that they gave a flying f**k. Resnick had dragged his heels, not wanting any part of a potentially sticky situation between a private rescue operation and any U.S.-sanctioned rescue operation, not to mention the fallout when KGI kicked the shit out of whoever held their brother.

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