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Whispers in the Dark (KGI #4)(15)
Author: Maya Banks

She did the only thing she felt capable of doing. She wrapped herself around him and held on, offering him whatever comfort she could.

You’ll be free soon. Believe that, Nathan. Swanson too.

Damn right. I swear to God, I’ll get him out.

She sensed strength in him that hadn’t been there before. Renewed determination. An iron will that was nearly tangible. Thank God. He was ready to fight. He was refusing to give up.

This time there was no pain for her to take. He’d blocked it out himself with the uncontrollable anger that rocked his body. His focus was on his teammate.

Part of her wanted to shield him from the sounds of his teammate’s suffering, but she knew that it was what was feeding his rage and determination. So she sat there with him, holding him as he shook with fury.

The door of his cell burst open. Nathan shot to his feet, startling Shea and sending her sprawling on the bed. Two guns were pointed at him as he was yanked forcibly to his feet.

This time they didn’t bind him. They dragged him out of the cell, down a dim hallway that must have been a pathway in the cave. A moment later he was thrust into blinding sunlight.

Shea winced and blinked as Nathan threw his arm over his ravaged eyes. Her sight was distorted because he couldn’t see. All she saw were flashes of light, the ground. The air was cold. The wind bit at Nathan’s naked body as he was shoved to his knees.

Gradually he blinked and squinted enough that he could see, and she sucked in her breath at the sight before her.

Swanson was standing a few feet away, bloodied and bruised, his eyes bleak. The left side of his face was a mess. There was a ragged cut that ran from his temple, over his jaw and lower to his neck. The flesh lay open, blood streaming. There was panic and defeat in his eyes.

“Don’t you do it, Swanny. Don’t you f**king do it,” Nathan said, echoing words from the teammate who’d been killed in front of him.

Shea gasped when the barrel of a pistol was jammed into the back of Nathan’s head. Oh God, they were going to use him to break Swanson because Nathan had been unbreakable so far.

They no longer had use for Nathan. Maybe they’d grown tired or bored or frustrated with their efforts.

Now, Nathan. You have to fight now. You have your hands. They aren’t expecting you to fight. Oh God, you have to try.

Tears poured down Shea’s cheeks. She couldn’t allow this. She’d never felt more helpless in her life.

Nathan lifted his gaze so that he stared straight back at Swanson, and Shea caught her breath at the silent exchange. It was do-or-die time for both of them.

I’m with you, Nathan. I won’t leave you.

The men holding Swanson began barking a series of questions in broken English. Swanson stood there like a stone, his expression impassive. Then he seemed to crumble.

“All right, all right, I’ll talk. Just leave him alone.”

Don’t freak, Shea. He’s acting. Get ready. I need you for this.

She sat up on the bed, her focus razor sharp.

And suddenly Nathan whipped around, ramming his fist into the knee of the man holding the gun. The pistol hit the ground, and Nathan had it before she could think to tell him it was there.

One shot. Then two. Three more in rapid succession. The world tilted crazily, and she struggled to keep everything in perspective as Nathan exploded into action.

Swanson had managed to disarm one of his captors but the other pointed a gun at Swanson’s head.

No! Shea screamed.

Nathan dropped the man with a shot just as Swanson slit the other captor’s throat.

Nathan grabbed another gun, a knife and then rushed toward Swanson.

“Let’s go!”

Bullets exploded past Nathan and Swanson as they ran for cover. Dirt blew up beside them. Shea could hear the thud as bullets struck trees on either side of them.

Oh God, why couldn’t she have telekinesis as a power? Or be able to set shit on fire? Blow them all to hell?

Grace didn’t think Shea had the balls to kill anyone. Right now she’d set the entire world on fire and burn the bastards straight to hell.

Already she was exhausted but Nathan needed her now more than ever. She drew pain away from him, his fear, absorbed every emotion except his anger and determination to escape. And she infused him with every ounce of her own resolve.

The two men ran through the trees, heavy brush, over a stream, never stopping. The gunshots grew more distant. The shouts of alarm went silent.

Keep running, she begged.

After an hour, Swanson went down, but this time he didn’t get back up. He was bleeding heavily and his face was ashen. His breaths were labored.

“Get up, Swanny. Come on, man. We’ve got to keep moving. They’ll be tracking us and we’ve been sloppy as hell.”

“I can’t do it, Nate. Go on without me. Don’t let me drag you down.”

“Fuck that! We go as a team. I’m not leaving you. Even if I have to carry your ass out of these mountains.”

“Don’t think I’m going to make it anyway,” Swanson said in a raspy voice. “They broke something inside me. Pretty sure I’m bleeding internally. You know you have to leave me.”

Nathan’s fist tightened in frustration. Shea, help me. Please. I don’t know what to do.

I don’t have a connection to him. God, I wish I did. I hate how random my abilities are.

Try, Shea. Do it for me. Use me. Do whatever you have to do.

Shea, what the f**k is going on? What are you doing?

Shea wanted to scream in frustration as Grace broke into her thoughts. She sensed her sister’s panic and worry, but oh God, not now!

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