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Whispers in the Dark (KGI #4)(13)
Author: Maya Banks

“Nathan is family and so are you. No way we’d leave either of you without as much protection as we can muster, so shut the f**k up and let’s go blow the f**k out of those goatherding motherfuckers who have Nathan.”

Donovan cracked a smile. “Yippee ki-yay.”

“Fuckin’ A.”

“Sarah’s been on you about the language, huh.”

Garrett snarled in response and then muttered a few more F bombs for good measure.

“Yeah, you better get them all out now because when you get back home, no more F words for you.”

“Fuck you, Van. Just f**k you.”

SHEA spread the map out over her bed and studied the highways intently. She chewed absently at her bottom lip as she tried to decide where to go next.

If only she knew more about the people after her and Grace. She didn’t dare go to the police. What was she supposed to tell them? That she and her sister were telepathic and some maniacs were after them but, oh by the way, I don’t know who they are.

For all she knew, it could be the government. It could be the police or the FBI or the CIA or whoever the hell would be interested in Grace’s powers.

What she did know was that she wasn’t going to allow them to take her or Grace and she damn sure wasn’t going to let them use her to get to Grace.

A foreign country sounded nice if she could get out of the United States undetected. She had a passport, but of course, it was in her real name and going to an airport and getting on a plane was like holding up a neon sign that said, “Here I am! Come get me!”

She shook her head in disgust. The only thing she could do was keep moving, at least for now. Until…until when? Without a plan. Without someone to help her, how was she ever going to feel safe again? Whom could she trust?

The million-dollar question. The short answer was no one.

She sat on the edge of the bed for a moment to collect her thoughts. She stared at the map again and mentally traced the path she’d traveled for the last year. The longest she’d stayed in one place was a couple of months.

At first she and Grace had run together, but Shea had quickly surmised that the only smart thing to do was split up. They were too noticeable as a pair. Grace drew enough attention on her own. The contrast between the two sisters was striking. Shea was petite, blond, paler skinned. Grace was taller, darker skinned with long raven hair.

The hardest part had been convincing Grace that not only did they need to split up, but that it was imperative that they not know where the other was at any time.

Grace had been infuriated, much like Nathan had been, that Shea sought to protect her. In the end, Shea had forgone trying to make Grace see the logic behind Shea’s idea and had simply taken off.

It had hurt her to leave her sister, but she knew that to keep both of them safe, it had to be this way.

You do realize that thinking of me so much is just like talking to me.

Grace’s amused voice slid through Shea’s mind, bringing a smile to Shea’s lips.

Are you all right, Shea? I sense that some heavy shit has gone down with you, but you’re working hard to keep me from seeing what you’ve been up to. Why is that? Are you in trouble?

Grace, I’m fine. You would know if I wasn’t.

Grace snorted. I do know and I know that everything is not fine. What the hell is going on with you? Why are you talking to other people?

Let it go. I’m okay. Getting ready to move again.

You just moved.

How the hell do you know that?

While you’re working so hard not to see or hear me, I can read you easily, or at least what you aren’t closely guarding. What happened in Colorado? Why did you leave Kansas?


I heard that.

I had a narrow miss in Kansas and I don’t want to stay in any one place for a while. It made me jumpy.

Grace swore. Damn it, Shea. Enough of this being apart bullshit. We’re safer together. Why can’t you get it through your head that I don’t need you to protect me? I’m bigger and stronger than you are. Could you even kill someone if you had to?


Grace went silent as the forceful word slipped from Shea’s mind into Grace’s.

Hell yeah, she could kill someone. Maybe she’d been known as the sweet younger sister. The baby. The coddled one in the family.

That was all in the past. Seeing your parents murdered and fearing for your sister’s safety had a way of hardening even the softest heart. She’d changed a lot in the last year. She’d learned to protect herself, and she had no compunction about doing whatever was necessary to make sure nothing happened to her or to Grace.

I don’t like what this has done to you, Shea.

The sadness in Grace’s voice left a shadow in Shea’s mind.

You are all I have left, Grace. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re safe. I’ve learned a lot in this past year. I might surprise you in the butt-kicking department now.

Grace laughed but it was strained and sad. Just don’t be so intent on saving the world that you f**k up and get yourself caught. Don’t think for even a minute I won’t do everything I can to keep you safe.

I won’t. Be careful, Grace. I love you.

I love you too, sis. Be safe. While you’re out trying to save me and whoever else you’re suffering for, I’m doing some investigating into the ass**les who killed Mom and Dad.

Fear bolted through Shea’s chest, squeezing until she was breathless. Don’t. Grace, you have to be careful. We have no idea what they’re capable of. What if it’s some secret government agency?

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