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Crave (Billionaire Bachelors Club #1)(5)
Author: Monica Murphy

Hush Resort and Spa. The hotel Archer’s father gave him as some sort of punishment after he barely graduated college. He turned it into one of the most exclusive and successful couples-only resorts in all the country, if not the world. He became white-hot in an instant, in demand. Gorgeous and sexy, intelligent and ruthless, women wanted to do him, men wanted to be him. And the arrogant jackass knew it.

“I suggest you make a reservation.” His voice is full of irritation. He’s trying to steer us around her but she’s not budging.

“I can’t. I’m not part of a couple.” She literally bats her eyelashes. “Maybe you could help with that?”

“I’m sure we could find one of your friends to hook her up with, don’t you think, baby?” I smile up at Archer, sending him a meaningful look so he gets what I’m trying to do. He blinks down at me, no doubt startled by being called baby, which is fun. He’s sort of hot when he’s confused, and it’s hard to frazzle Archer. So I decide to do it some more.

Leaning up, I nuzzle his neck, inhaling his unique spicy scent. God, he smells amazing. Why have I never noticed this before? Not that we’re ever standing this close together, but I’m tempted to rub against him like a cat.

I wonder if she’s bought we’re a couple yet. If I have to keep this up I might do something crazy. Like . . . bite him. “I’m sure that could be arranged,” he says, his voice rough as his arm tightens around my shoulders.

I slip my arm around his back. He’s as solid as a rock. Makes me wonder what he looks like beneath all the finery. I haven’t seen him shirtless since I was in high school, and he’s filled out since then considerably. “If you’ll excuse us,” I tell Miss Persistent with a sickeningly sweet smile before I turn it on Archer. “Let’s go dance, baby.”

He leads me out onto the dance floor wordlessly, pulling me into his arms just as another slow song starts. His hand rests on the small of my back as we begin to move to the music and my entire body tingles at his nearness. Which is odd because 1. I have no desire to be with Archer like that and 2. I’ve been immune to his charm for years.


“You’re good, with the ‘baby’ bit and rubbing your nose against my neck,” he murmurs close to my ear. His hot breath makes me shiver and I wonder if he felt it. He had to.

And I don’t really care. I’m hyperaware of him, of his size and his warmth and the sheer strength of him. His big hand shifts lower on my back, his fingertips grazing my backside, and I inhale sharply. I bet he knows just how to use those hands, too.

Oh my God, this is Archer you’re drooling over. Stop it!

“Think she bought our act?” I ask breathlessly.

“Not sure.” He hesitates for the slightest moment, causing me to look up at him. I’m struck dumb by his smoldering gaze, the way he’s staring at me like he wants to gobble me up. I wonder if I’m returning the same look, because I have the sudden urge to kiss him. For hours, if possible. “But I know I did.”

Chapter Two


WELL, THAT WAS totally unexpected.

I’m still reeling, though I’m trying my damnedest to act like she doesn’t affect me whatsoever. All that “It’s just Ivy” talk flew right out the window when I saw the glint of determination in her gaze as she realized she could help me get rid of the clingy woman. How she draped herself all over me and called me baby. Flashing me a sexy, secretive smile as if she knew exactly what I looked like naked and liked it.

Then she went and nuzzled my neck with her nose, making me so hard I’m still aching with the memory just before she moved away.

Talk about torture. No wonder I avoid her. Within a few minutes of being near her, I’m sporting wood and plotting how I can get her out of here so I can strip her naked and have my way with her. All night long.

“You’re teasing me,” she chastises, her pretty hazel eyes watching me carefully as we dance. There aren’t many couples on the floor but the bride and groom are nearby, the lights are dimmed low, and the atmosphere is scarily romantic. “You so didn’t buy into that act. Come on.”

Fuck, she’s the tease. I’m not sure she gets just how much she affects me. I know she doesn’t. I wonder if she ever thinks of me. Her brother’s best friend, the jerk wad who does nothing but give her a bunch of crap. Knowing her since I was sixteen seems to translate me into my idiot teenage self every time I’m around her. It’s like I can’t help it.

I’m a grown-ass man worth billions who runs one of the most successful, exclusive resorts in the country and this is what Ivy Emerson reduces me to.

“I pretty much did buy into it,” I offer with a shrug. Going for nonchalant. “I’m surprised you didn’t take it to the next level. Grab my dick and claim it as yours.”

A dark brow rose, her lips quirked to the side. Damn, she’s hot, even when she’s irritated. Especially when she’s irritated. “You are so crude.”

If only she knew the extent of my so-called crudeness. I want her.

Having her in my arms is not helping my plight, but she’s soft and she smells so damn good I can’t resist her. Her dark hair shines beneath the golden lights and the top of her strapless dress appears fairly easy to tug down if I wanted to do such a thing.

Not that I do. Not really.


It’s not just her beauty that does me in though. There’s so much more to Ivy. How she listens to me, how proud she seems to be when I tell her what I’m doing in my career. It’s like she really cares.

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