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Crave (Billionaire Bachelors Club #1)(14)
Author: Monica Murphy

I’m in a total no-win situation with Ivy and I know it. Yet here I am, her naked body in my arms, her lips leaning in close to mine, her br**sts coming into contact with my chest . . .

“Hey.” I squeeze her hips, my fingers pressing into her flesh, and she glances up at me, her eyes wide, her lips damp. As if she’d just licked them. Fuck, everything she does unravels me. But I need to know where we stand—where she stands. I can’t risk making this a bigger mess than it already is. “What are we doing here?”

A perfectly arched brow lifts. “Do I need to explain it to you?”

“You know what I mean.” I’m not taking this any further until I’m assured we’re both on the same page. “What do you want out of this?”

Ivy reaches out and starts unbuttoning my shirt, her fingertips brushing against my chest with every button she slides out of its hole. “One night of mind-blowing sex?”

I ignore the one-night comment for a moment, absorbing her words. I shouldn’t want more. I never want more.

With Ivy, I think I could.

Well, isn’t that f**king terrifying?

“And that’s it.” My voice is flat, though I suck in a harsh breath when her fingers brush my stomach with that final button she undoes before tugging my tucked-in shirt from the waistband of my pants. “That’s all you want from me.”

“Isn’t that all you want from anyone?” Her gaze locks on my chest and she exhales loudly. “I knew you were bigger than the last time I saw you, Archer, but oh my God.”

I smile, loving the way she’s looking at me. Like she wants to eat me up. “And when was the last time you saw me without a shirt on?”

“I don’t know.” She shrugs, her gaze lifting to meet mine. Her eyes are full of hunger, full of want, and I reach out, settle my hand on her cheek, and caress her soft skin. It’s like I can’t resist touching her. “When we were teenagers?”

“Well, I’ve changed a lot since then.” Leaning down, my mouth is at her ear when I murmur, “So have you.”

She slides her hands up my chest, her touch causing sparks to ignite along my skin as she pushes my shirt from my shoulders. I shrug out of it, settling my hands back at her waist, pulling away a bit so I can drink her in.

Jesus, she’s gorgeous. I’m hard as a rock just looking at her and I start to back her toward the bed, pushing gently at her shoulders so she falls onto the mattress with a little huff of annoyance. Her long hair falls around her shoulders in tousled waves, the ends barely covering her br**sts, tempting me to rake my fingers through the silky strands. Without warning she hooks her finger through the belt loop of my pants, pulling me forward and tipping me off balance so I fall onto the bed.

Fall onto her.

“Now I have you where I want you,” she murmurs just before she lifts her head and kisses me deep, her tongue immediately sliding against mine. She skims her hands down my back so lightly I shiver.

Damn, her touch feels good. She feels good beneath me, her hands on me, her legs winding around my hips. I still have my pants on but I can feel her. My erection nudges against her heated sex and she tilts her hips, grinding against me as she devours my mouth.

She’s turned into a wildcat, rubbing against me, her mouth on mine like she wants to consume me and I willingly fall under her spell. Let her take completely over, as I’m lost to her delicious taste, the way her tiny hands are all over me, at the front of my pants. Undoing the snap, sliding the zipper down until she’s reaching inside and stroking my cotton-covered cock.

“Wow, Archer, you’re packing,” she murmurs after breaking our kiss, her fingers curling around my erection and giving me an agonizing squeeze.

I burst out laughing at her comment. “Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

“Oh yeah.” She slides her hands around my hips, pushing my pants down until they bunch up about mid-thigh. “Take these off. Take everything off.”

“Bossy little thing, aren’t you?” I whisper against her mouth just before I swipe at her plump lower lip with my tongue.

“I never act like this,” she says when I climb off her to shed the rest of my clothes. Her greedy gaze never leaves me. “I think it’s all your fault.”

“My fault?” Her admission shocks me. How can she blame me for her crazy behavior? “How so?”

“It’s you or the champagne I drank earlier.” Her gaze drops to crotch level and she’s checking me out, her eyes widening the slightest bit once I shed my boxer briefs. “Um, wow.”

“Scared?” I rejoin her on the bed, grabbing her by the waist and hauling her over until she’s lying beneath me. “You should be,” I whisper before I kiss her. Devour her. It grows wild in an instant, my hands roaming her skin, mapping her curves, her hands just as busy as mine, diving straight for my cock. I’ll blow if she keeps touching me like that, and I’m not about to go that route, so I grasp hold of her wrists and pull her arms up above her head. Holding her captive and she wiggles against me, making little noises full of frustration.

Driving me f**king insane.

She breaks the kiss first, glaring at me as she jerks her hands against my grip. “I want to touch you.”

“You keep on touching me and I’m going to explode all over your fingers,” I growl.

Ivy laughs, arching against me so her br**sts brush my chest. I can literally feel the hard points of her ni**les press into my skin.

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