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Mr and Mrs (Alexa Riley Promises #1)(10)
Author: Alexa Riley

I swallow audibly and then nod my head. I’ll give her what she wants. Just as soon as blood leaves my dick and goes back to my brain.

Molly crawls closer to me and grabs the edge of the sheet, ripping it away and exposing my cock. The sight of my red, straining dick makes her lick her lips, and I’m somewhat shocked. I’ve always been the aggressor, but she’s right. I was prepared for soft love-making tonight. I wanted to be gentle her first time and treat her like a precious flower. But she’s having none of that. I can see the hunger in her eyes, giving me hope that maybe one day she'll need me as much as I need her.

Leaning back against the headboard, I spread my legs wide. If this is what she wants, then I’ll give it to her. I want my Molly just as insane for me as I am for her.

“Come and get it, wife.”

Reaching down, I give my cock a few hard strokes, showing her what she’s done to me from the moment I laid eyes on her—when my body came alive for what felt like the first time in my life—and I see her eyes widen in delight. We are on the same page. She may be a virgin and have no experience other than with me, but she knows what she wants. She’s not ashamed of her body. She’s not embarrassed to tell me how to use it, and I respect the fuck out of her for it.

“We have years to make love, Phillip,” she says, slinking up between my legs. “Right now, I don’t want foreplay. I’ve waited too long for you.” I can hear the need in her voice.

She grabs the lacy ribbon in the middle of her tummy and gives it one good jerk. The material unravels, and I groan, leaking more cum. It lubes up my cock as I give it a few more strokes.

She straddles my legs. I drop my cock and grab her hips, helping her to climb on top of me. I grit my teeth at the sight of her, naked and getting ready to take my dick. Her hand comes between us and she guides me to her opening. I hiss through my teeth at the tightness already hugging the head of it.

“Phillip.” I pull my eyes away from where she’s holding me at her entrance, to her soft green eyes. She smiles at me, and it’s as if we’re sharing a secret. I smile back, and she drops down on my cock in one quick motion.

My groan is loud, and she lets out a little squeak of pain. I hold her to me as we both breathe through the new feeling—her having me inside her and me being strangled by her glorious pussy. It takes me longer than her to recover. She starts to move a little, but I grab her hips and still her, trying to get myself under control.

After I think I have myself together enough to keep from cumming the second she moves, I give her a nod.

“Go slow,” I say, giving her a stern look. She gives me a mischievous one in return, and I know I’m in trouble.

She tests out the length of my cock, slowly moving up and down until she has familiarized herself with him. She’s discovered every inch of him, and I’ve groaned loudly at each pass. Fuck, I’m never going to last.

As I grab her thick hips, her tits start to bounce in my face. I lean forward just a little as the soft flesh hits me with each movement. She’s so soft everywhere, and I can’t take it anymore. She wanted all of me, and I’m going to give it to her.

Rolling up over her, I thrust into her hard. She grips the headboard behind her and moans loudly into the room, her back arching off the bed. Rose petals are stuck to both of us, but I couldn’t care less.

“You’re taking me so good, baby.” She lets out another curse, loving my dirty talk. “Goddamn, you’re a virgin, but you want it rough. Thank God you're my wife. All fucking mine.”

Her legs come around my hips and she grinds into me. There isn’t an ounce of hesitation in our love-making. And it is love-making. It may be fierce and strong, but there is so much love between us.

I take her just like she wants it. Her nails dig into my shoulders and back. Our passion has been stemmed back for too long. She’s so fucking tight and too goddamn good for me to last any longer.

I’d stroked my cock thinking about this moment so many times, but it wasn't even a tenth as amazing as the reality of it.

Reaching between us, I strum her clit and tell her what she needs to do.

“Cum on me, my love. Give your husband your cherry orgasm. It’s mine. It belongs to me.”

She clenches around me and, like a good girl, cums on my cock. It’s so beautiful watching her writhe while I’m inside of her. The blush that sweeps across her skin as she lets out her pleasure sends me over the edge. I cum deep in her, unable to hold back. She’s too perfect, and she’s all mine.

I blink a few times and adjust my erection, putting away thoughts of our wedding night. We spent a week in that house on the sound and never once saw the water. I hated leaving that house. It felt even then like our bubble was bursting. I knew after that week that things had to change in my life. I couldn’t be away from her after having all of her in every way imaginable.

Hitting my fist against the steering wheel, I blame myself for this. I should have acted sooner. Cared less about the stability of the company and said fuck it before it got to this point. She deserved better. She deserved all of me. Now that I’m going to get her back, she will get it. I’ll make this right. Just as soon as I turn her over my knee for ever thinking about leaving me. All this need I’ve been holding back is about to be ripped wide open.

Chapter Six Molly

A pain shoots through the back of my head as I try to open my eyes, but they don't seem to cooperate no matter how hard I try.

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