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Forged in Steele (KGI #7)(14)
Author: Maya Banks

“Beautiful,” he murmured.

“So are you,” she whispered next to his ear.

He slid his arms underneath her, gathering her closely against him. Her br**sts molded to his hard chest, their bodies entwined, her cradled in his arms. His hips rose as he withdrew and then he drove inward again, his body going flat against hers.

He held her several long moments, silent as his body drove into hers. Then his hold around her tightened and he rolled, carrying her with him. She gasped in surprise when she landed atop him, arms and legs sprawled.

She righted herself and planted her palms against his chest. She wiggled her hips experimentally and was rewarded by a strangled gasp from Steele and his grip tightened at her waist.

“Now this I’ve definitely fantasized about,” Steele murmured. “Number three on my top ten. You on top, riding me hard.”

“I’ll do my best to make the real thing better than fantasy,” she said cheekily.

Steele let out a grunt. “Already there, babe. Fantasy has nothing on the real thing. My imagination is good, but not this good.”

She grinned and leaned down to kiss him, letting her br**sts brush over his chest. Her ni**les instantly hardened, and it felt so good that she did it again, rubbing the tips over his hair-matted chest.

She began slow, rotating and wiggling just enough to cause a hitch in his breath. Then she leaned forward and lifted her hips so he began to slide out of her. When she was barely clutching the tip of his cock, she glided back down, taking him whole.

It was heady having so much control over such an intimidating man. He was completely at her mercy.

Realizing he hadn’t yet used his mouth on her br**sts—and it was something she was looking forward to a lot—she leaned into him, offering her nipple. It brushed tantalizingly over his lips and when his tongue shot out and rolled roughly over the sensitive peak, she gasped.

She offered him her other nipple and stilled so he could fasten his lips around it. He sucked strongly, licking over the tip as he held it between his teeth.

She began to tremble and realized he’d been right about her having multiple orgasms. She wouldn’t have thought it possible to recover that quickly after such an earth-shattering release, but already she was fast climbing up that ledge all over again.

“Please,” she whispered. “I want your mouth on me when I come.”

He reached up and palmed one of her br**sts, molding it in his hands as he sucked the nipple into his mouth.

She moaned again, arching into him.

“I can’t last a minute longer, Maren,” Steele warned as he tongued her nipple.

She lowered her head until her hair streamed down over them both. “Come with me, then. Let’s go together. I’m so close.”

Even as she spoke, she writhed restlessly atop him, her body on fire. She needed relief. She itched, burned, from the inside out.

He clamped his hands over her ass, squeezing and molding the cheeks with his hands as she rode him. He powered his hips upward, driving into her, so she wasn’t doing it all on her own. Then he reached one hand up and delved into her hair, twisting the strands around his fingers until his fist rested against her scalp. Then he yanked her downward to claim her mouth and kissed her until they were both gasping for breath.

“Help me,” she pleaded.

Her strength was fast giving out. She wanted nothing more than to sprawl onto his chest and stay there for the rest of their time together. But then neither one of them would get off.

“My pleasure,” he murmured.

He wrapped his arms around her and rolled until he was atop her once more. He stayed firmly embedded inside her and when she landed on her back, he went even deeper. She moaned raggedly and let out a satisfied sound that made Steele tighten all over.

“You make me crazy,” he said against her lips. “You feel better than I could have ever imagined. Taste so sweet. So hot and wild. Silky soft in all the right places. You’re beautiful, Maren. Don’t ever doubt that.”

She hitched her legs higher up his back and spread herself wider so she could take him even deeper. She felt wild and insatiable. It was fiercely satisfying. Bold. Wanton. She gloried in her newfound confidence. But there was something about seeing the desire in Steele’s eyes and hearing from his own lips that he found her beautiful that was a huge ego booster.

He began to move faster and harder, his hips slapping the backs of her legs. Her entire body shook with the force of his movements. His gaze connected to hers and his blue eyes glittered in the low light of her bedroom lamp.

“Come with me this time,” she whispered. “I’m almost there.”

He groaned loud. “God, I’m there too. Can’t hold on another second.”

With a muffled shout, he surged deeply within her again and his entire body shook and spasmed against her. His hips twitched powerfully and his arms slid underneath her back, like steel bands around her, holding her tightly to his muscled frame.

Her orgasm was violent. Shattering around her like glass on concrete. It was almost too intense for her to bear. It bordered on pain and then it was the most pleasurable sensation she’d ever experienced.

She lost focus. Couldn’t see. She could only feel. And hear the sounds of a satisfied male just inches away, pressed into her body.

She inhaled sharply, savoring the scent of sex and musk and male sweat. Then she kissed and licked his shoulder and then nibbled her way to his neck. He tasted wonderful. Everything about him was sexy. His scent, his taste and the way he felt against her. Inside her.

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