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No Place to Run (KGI #2)(8)
Author: Maya Banks

Nothing about that mission had gone according to plan. They hadn’t taken Alex Mouton down. They didn’t even know where the bastard had disappeared to. The only thing they had done was take down a huge arms shipment. All in all, just a stumbling block for a man with Mouton’s resources.

And Sophie hadn’t been there when he’d gone back.

He wasn’t even supposed to have gone back. It had never been his plan. But he’d found himself making excuses about following up loose ends and had taken off, determined to find Sophie. And do what? That much he hadn’t ever figured out. He just knew he had to see her again. He’d been saved making the decision of what next because she’d disappeared. No one seemed to know a damn thing about her, or if they did, they weren’t talking.

It took Sam a minute to figure out that his brothers were speaking to him.

“Come on, Sam, wake up over there.”

Sam looked up to see both Van and Garrett staring hard at him.

“What’s with you?” Garrett asked. “You haven’t been yourself since we got back from Mexico.”

Sam stiffened. He hadn’t realized he’d been wearing a sign advertising his issues with Mexico.

“You’re not still hung up on that chick are you?” Garrett asked in a disbelieving tone.

Sam shot him a withering stare. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Garrett shook his head in disgust. He turned to Van and jerked his thumb in Sam’s direction. “We’re in f**king Mexico trying to set up a buy with Alex Mouton, and lover boy takes time out to have some hot fling with a waitress in one of the local watering holes.”

Donovan shrugged. “So? He still has a dick. Bound to use it sometime.”

Sam choked back a laugh. God love Van. Not an uptight bone in his body.

Donovan turned his stare on Sam, and Sam began to fidget uncomfortably. He’d rather not talk about it.

As if sensing just that, Donovan turned back to Garrett. “Maybe you need to get laid, man. Maybe you wouldn’t be so goddamn uptight all the time.”

Garrett flipped his brother off, and Sam smiled.

It didn’t do him any good to think about Sophie. They’d been good together. Damn good.

No, he had no business getting involved with her when he was involved in a highly sensitive mission. But her sweetness had provided a much-needed balm to what was otherwise a hellish assignment. An assignment that he hadn’t gotten anywhere on until the very end, when an anonymous informant delivered the information Sam and his team had sought—on a silver platter.

“You hung up on this chick?” Donovan asked.

Sam glared at him. Apparently he hadn’t been able to resist after all.

Donovan held up his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay, I know when to back off.”

“Good,” Sam muttered.

“You realize you haven’t taken another mission since Mexico,” Donovan said mildly. “Steele and Rio are getting restless. I didn’t realize we were all on vacation.”

Sam frowned. He hadn’t considered that they were on vacation either, but Donovan’s statement brought home to him just how picky he’d been over the last few months.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Donovan continued. “I was thinking of a vacation. Somewhere south. Lots of cute college girls. Sand, sun, sex. Lots of sex.”

Sam tuned him out again as he and Garrett extolled the virtues of bikini-clad college coeds. Hell, they were all too old for college girls, but then who put an age limit on fantasies?

It annoyed him that he still thought of Sophie. Then he frowned. How old was she? She was young. Not college-age young, but still young. There was a lot he hadn’t found out about her. They’d always been too busy making love to do any talking.

He tuned back into the conversation when he heard Nathan and Joe mentioned.

“They’re doing what?” Sam asked.

“Man, you are out of it,” Donovan muttered. “Got an email from them this morning. Said they were bugging out soon and couldn’t give more details. They didn’t want Ma and Rachel to worry, so we’re supposed to tell them they’re on another training mission.”

Sam snorted. “As if Mom will believe that. She has a nose for our lies. She sniffs us out every time.”

“We’ll let Van tell her. She always believes him,” Garrett offered. “It’s the rest of us who can’t get away with shit.”

Donovan sent them both smug looks. “Favored son status does have its perks.”

“So when are you going to snap out of this funk, Sam?” Garrett asked bluntly. “If you need a break from KGI, tell me. I can take over operations. The teams are getting restless. They need the action. So do we.”

Even Donovan looked like he agreed with Garrett.

“I’m not in a goddamn funk. A lot of shit has gone down over the last year. We needed to be here with the family.”

He could feel himself growing defensive, which meant they had a goddamn point, as much as he hated to admit it.

Both his brothers just stared at him, as if waiting for him to come to the conclusion on his own that he was being a dumbass.

“Yeah, okay, I get it,” he mumbled. “I’ll put your asses to work.”

Sam sighed and rose from the patio chair to stretch his legs. He rested his palms on the railing of the deck, enjoying the sun-warmed wood against his skin.

Maybe it was time to get back on the job and work off his restlessness.

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