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The Storm (The Storm #3.5)(7)
Author: Samantha Towle

We should be tearing this place up, having crazy fucking sex in every room, like we used to before the kids came along.

Instead, I’m lying here, running all the what-ifs through my mind. Going over my past, I’m trying to remember this Tiffany chick who could potentially be the mother of my child. Pent-up aggression and frustration flow through me.

“Can’t sleep?” Tru’s soft voice surprises me.

“I thought you were sleeping.”

“Trying to—unsuccessfully. I can hear the wheels turning in your mind. You wanna talk some more?”

Talk is all we’ve done

Talk and then have bouts of silence until neither of us could bear it. Then, when Tru suggested going to bed, I nearly sighed with relief.

I never thought we’d be here, that this would be us.

It’s not us. Tru and I don’t do this.

We don’t dwell. We get on with things.

Namely, I want to get on with her.

“No, I don’t want to talk.” I roll over, putting myself on top of her. “I just want to feel…I need to feel you.” I slide my hand up her waist, and wasting no time, I crush my mouth to hers.

And she’s right there with me. Her arms wrap around my neck, and her legs come up and around my waist. She moans into my mouth, and I feel it all the way down to my cock.

“Fuck, I need you,” I groan into her mouth.

“I know. I need you, too.”

This isn’t going to be slow loving. This is going to be hard and fast—but not too fast. It’s been way too long since I’ve been inside my wife. I’m going to savor every fucking second of this.

Tru’s hands work down my back, her fingers creeping into the waistband of my pajama bottoms.

Why the fuck am I wearing pajama bottoms when the kids aren’t home? For that matter, why the hell is Tru wearing pajamas? They need to go now.

“Clothes off. Now,” I tell her as I sit up.

I grab her pajama shorts and yank them off along with her panties, too, and then I attack her pajama top with the same ferocity.

Now, she’s naked, just how I like her.

Fucking perfection.

“You still have clothes on.” She gives me a sexy smile, nudging my pajama pants and massive boner with her toes.

I grab her foot and bring it up to my mouth. I run my tongue up her arch, loving the way she moans and lifts her back off the bed.

I nip her big toe with my teeth, making her squirm. Keeping hold of her foot, I shuck my pajama pants off. Then, I kiss my way up her gorgeous leg to her thigh. Her scent hits me, and my mouth starts to water.

I run my nose up her pussy, inhaling deeply. Then, I lift my eyes to hers. “I want you sitting on my face.”

“And I want you in my mouth.”

“Quite the dilemma.” I grin at her. “But we can make it work.”

I lie back on the bed next to Tru, and a beat later, she is on her knees, shifting around, until her beautiful ass is sitting just above my head.

I look up at her. Slightly bending over, she’s already staring at me with needful eyes. Lust and want burn through me.

I reach up and grab ahold of her thighs, and I pull her straight onto my mouth. As my tongue plunges deep inside her, she falls forward on a gasp, her hands landing on my stomach.

This is exactly what we both need right now.

We need each other. We need to fuck each other, long and hard.

Just for tonight, we need to forget everything else and remember each other.

As long as I have her, then everything else will be okay.

She presses a kiss to my stomach. Her long hair brushes over my stomach and then my cock as she moves lower. Then, the next thing I feel is the silk of her tongue as she licks down the length of my cock from tip to root.

“Fuck,” I moan against her pussy, my hips pushing up. I want more, need more.

I feel her hand wrap around the base of my cock. Then, her hot, wet mouth engulfs my cock, and she takes me in one long, hard suck that has my eyes rolling back in my head.

Sweet Jesus.

My wife gives the best blow jobs.

I momentarily lose concentration on what I was doing. Momentarily. This is me we’re talking about.

Minutes later, Tru is coming apart under my mouth. And with the way her mouth has been working my cock, I’m not far behind her.

She starts to move off me, her mouth still on me. I grab ahold of her, my arm around her waist. My cock comes out of her mouth with a pop.

Keeping hold of Tru, I get up on my knees, putting her on all fours. I knee her legs apart. Then, I push my cock deep inside her.

“Fuck…” I groan. And I get high off the sound of her lustful moan, knowing how much she wants and needs me.

Reaching out, I gather her hair, wrapping it around my hand. With my other hand gripping her hip, I start fucking her.

“Jake…” My name slips from her lips sounding breathy and needy.

“Talk dirty to me, babe.”

She groans and then says, “Dame mas duro, Jake! Dame lo que yo necesito.”

Those words from her, and I’m undone.

I know exactly what that means. Being with Tru all these years, I’ve picked up on a few things and meanings, especially the dirty words. And nothing does it for me like her telling me in her native tongue to fuck her harder and give her what she wants.

And that’s just what I do. I pound into her, hard, exactly like we both need.

“Fuck, Jake! I’m…coming!” she cries out, her pussy quickly convulsing around my cock, squeezing me hard.

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